Wish you were here...

Wish you were here...

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I've been at the beach all week with my family- 25 of us in one house!  It's a family tradition- we've been coming every year for my entire life.  I've been to lots of pretty beaches, but I think that the Carolina beaches are some of the best in the world.

We're on the very end of the island where the beach is very wide, which makes for a beautiful view:

This shelf of coral fans and conch shells is so eye-catching.

Elizabeth Martin in Elle Decor via Alicia B (who we really miss!)

Eddie Ross places shells in glass jars in this painted secretary.  Proof that decorating with shells isn't just for beach houses! 

We love giant clamshells.  Most of the ones you find at big stores are resin like this one from Ballard.

Mesi Jilly's Bally Rings are to die for.  They are made of a natural cowrie shell, with semi-precious stones and sterling silver.  I have painfully lost a few eBay auctions recently for these. 

These cowrie and capiz shell encrusted pillows are the perfect way to summerize your room.

Mermaid Hut Pillows, $129 for pair

Oyster shells are so easy to find on the beach, and make such a dramatic frame for this mirror.

A Herend sand dollar is perfect to sit atop a pretty table.

I love these gold clam shell earrings.  They are 80's fabulousness at its best!

Pemberley's wreaths are just stunning- we love this one with starfish, clam shells, and English lavender.

Mosiac shell mirrors go mainstream.  This Pottery Barn mirror would be so pretty in an entryway.

One day I will have a breakfast room with a shell chandelier.  One day. 

This cowrie shell clutch is perfect for going to dinner in the summertime.  This version is pricey, but we bet you could find a similar (but not quite as cute) version on the cheap at a beach store.

A grouping of silver shells adds elegance to any coffee table or bookshelf.

A pair of these shell sconces would look so pretty over a beachy sofa.

For your toes, these Tory Burch flat sandals will take you everywhere this summer!

How are you using shells this summer?

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