Vintage Mission: The Antique Lace Dress

Vintage Mission: The Antique Lace Dress

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I know I haven't been one to keep up with regular features (whatever happened to Show Me Your Collections) but I thought I'd plough on with another regardless. There are a few purchases in life that somehow seem to have escaped me and a pre-1900s style dress is one of them.  There's something about the delicate and worn nature of them that appeals to me and is dying to be juxtaposed by my trusted Doc Martens and leather jacket.  I know the High Street occasionally does their own versions (hello £175 Topshop example) but I think the best way to head in this situation is vintage.  I love clothes that have a bit of history and although I'll never know the origin, it's nice to know that your dress is most probably a one-off.  Inevitably, I know that when looking for something so specific, hopes are likely to be dashed but I recently found a success story in a blogger who has managed to stumble across two, so I'm sure it can be done.  Which items are part of your Vintage Mission, that you are unable to find on the High Street?  I think everyone knows someone who is particularly lucky when coming across such things, namely Jazmine and Kylie.

I'll let you know if I ever manage to find my dress.

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