Time on my hands...

Time on my hands...

Style : My Looklet obsession is back! The site is now open to all, and is still the perfect antidote to shopping envy. As I said before, I prefer it to Polyvore, as the clothes are on actual 'models' as opposed to floating in mid-air, and the constant experimentation gives me ideas for my own wardrobe. It's like Cher's Clueless wardrobe on acid, and I can't get enough of it. There's now even more clothes, models and backgrounds, so I'm sure my addiction can only get more intense as I create more and more wannabe editorials.

I'm loving the shoes here...

A much tried and tested outfit formula, bright tights with everything!

I think the expression makes this look, it's as if someone turned up to a gathering wearing the same outfit as her!

Also, I received the cutest award from Eliza!

A thousand thank-yous! I was mucho excited to receive my first official award, from a wonderful, friendly blogger and it's a great start to my week. The rules state that I must pass it on to 15 newly found blogs, but the blogs below have been chosen for a variety of reasons, (mainly inspiration, support and general amazingness). Definitely check them out as you'll have hours of fun!

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descend into darkness
Fashion Squad
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luna supernova
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renee sturme
res pulchrae
The fashion void that is DC
the new black
stoneage stomp
vintage tea

Now I must start all this packing...

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