Time for a shopping ban?

Time for a shopping ban?

Style : The consumption never ends; I finally bought my first pair of hareem pants after first pondering them in March. Really liking this Topshop pair, as the material is a smooth viscose as opposed to the casual jersey styles I've been seeing everywhere, so they can easily be dressed up. I feel rather liberated from all my tight leggings (though I won't be saying goodbye to them anytime soon). Can't wait to team them with all the leotards I keep buying.

Also found this gorgeous summery skirt in Hockley's Vintage Warehouse for a fiver. I like the insane amount of button holes on the waistband. Definitely needs a bit of shortening.

This American Apparel skirt wasn't so much of a bargain (it is the first non-discounted item I've bought from there, a very traumatic experience) but I really needed another high-waisted alternative. I'm sure I can get a lot of wear out of it; I think I've pretty much bought all of my summer wardrobe, so will have to reign in the spending a bit to concentrate on more important things like finding placements and taking driving tests.

The result of all this consumption means I somehow have to pack all this (and much, much more) into my Mums car (which really should have been a van). The joys of moving out of Uni housing. I'm going to miss Notts quite a bit, but I'm sure I'll quickly get used to London living.

Wish me luck...hope you all have a nice weekend!

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