The Second Time Around

The Second Time Around

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Ok, we get it- the 80's are back. These days the hot thing among pretty young things is to be dressing like you're going to Coachella circa 1987, what with all the southwestern prints, fringe, slouchy crossbody bags, and granny-chic sandals I'm seeing all over the place these days. It's a look I can actually get on board with (well, one piece at a time, at least). Or at least I thought I could till I spied this the other day at Urban Outfitters:

In case my camera phone skills aren't cluing you in - those are "vintage" Dooney & Bourke and Coach bags that UO is selling under the guise of "Urban Renewal." Not the kind of Dooney & Bourke that Hayden Panettiere schills. The kind that our moms rocked in the late 80's/early 90's and that I coveted in middle school. The kind that you probably sold on Ebay a few years back after you realized they had been collecting dust in your closet since Full House went off the air. Like so:

I guess what surprised me most about the fact that these bags are supposedly back in style is the fact that I'm finally seeing a trend coming back that I lived through the first time- and it's kind of scary. In a similar vein, it's good I didn't actually see this in person at UO, or I would have fainted. Is someone honestly trying to bring neon fanny packs back?

I'm not totally averse to the old-is-new thing, though. Things I'm finding kind of rad that I could actually get on board with include:

I'm noticing a Southwestern theme here- perhaps because those things were most certainly NOT popular in South Florida circa 1989! If I haven't lived through it the first time, I'm happy to get on board the second time around.

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