Pinching a Few Pennies...

Pinching a Few Pennies...

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The upholsterer delivered my nursery chair last week, and I love it!  I actually covered the chairs pretty turned legs with a skirt because I thought it was a softer look and more appropriate for a nursery.  I'm sure some people would not approve of hiding turned legs!

I had it covered in this fabric:

which compliments this fabric, the main one I am using in the room.  I found a remnant of white linen to use for the contrast welting on the chair, which I think adds so much.

If you're a mama, you know that you need a place to kick up your feet in the nursery.  I didn't have an existing ottoman I wanted to cover, so I was planning to have one custom-made in the same fabric and trim as the chair. 

But as I was cleaning up my family room over the weekend in preparation for MoS Washington's upcoming visit, I noticed my Cindy Crawford black faux bamboo metal ottoman and had an idea.  It was stuck in the corner of the family room, no longer needed since I had an ottoman made with my pair of club chairs (and did I mention that I kind of hate the fabric on top?)

 So I took it apart and got ready to paint.

A couple coats of glossy white Rustoleum did the trick!  I think it feels much more "Palm Beach" in white than black, and between the faux bamboo and vintage poodles, baby girl's nursery is definitely giving off a Palm Beach vibe!

I had plenty of the coral fabric left, so I made a quick cut.

I stapled down the sides.

The red diamond fabric is gone!

I reattached the white faux bamboo base with a few screws.

And there you have it!  Basically a "free" ottoman!

Of course, it's not nearly as plush and comfortable as a regular upholstered ottoman, so after a week or so of late-night feedings, I may end up biting the bullet and having a new ottoman made. 

But I figured for minimal effort and cost, this is at least worth a try!

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