Style : In less than two weeks I'll be traveling to Paris for the wedding of a family friend and couldn't be more excited! I have't been to Paris in six years, and never for a full week. I've been putting off my travel planning in an effort to get ahead at work, but it's time to start formulating a game plan.

I've got a few items on my to-do list and a few friends have already been more than generous with their intel, but today I'd love to hear from our fantastic readers- you all are a wealth of information. Any must-see museums that are off the beaten path (thinking of skipping the Louvre entirely)? The best flea market to hit, and any tips for navigating them? Any special little boutiques I shouldn't pass up- I'd love to find some "only in Paris" type shops? What's a better day trip, Giverny or Versailles?  Are there any particular restaurants that you swear by?

La tour Eiffel

31 Rue Cambon

Bikes & Bridges

Photo: Couple on bridge

Hotel Costes

The Seine

Photo: Fishermen on waterfront


I'd love to hear your recommendations, tips and tricks...I'm all ears! And can't wait to bring you MoS from Paris later this month!

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