My Latest $5 Find!!

My Latest $5 Find!!

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We enjoy sharing our favorite $5 finds with you.  MoS Washington found this fab chinoiserie chair for $5.  I scored this Swedish style side chair for a cool five as well.   

When I was at the beach a couple of weeks ago, I checked out some local consignment and thrift shops.  It's always fun to see what people decide to sell or donate in other cities.  You never know what you might find- something popular in your city might not be so popular elsewhere, so you can often find a good deal!

I stumbled upon a thrift store beside the highway near Southport, NC.  Southport is an adorable town.  This thrift store was anything but adorable.  I don't even think it had a real sign, and it's certainly not in the phone book.  Before I even walked in, I saw this queen sized faux bamboo headboard sitting out front, near the parking lot.  When I looked at the price tag, my heart skipped a beat.  $5.  Seriously.

It came to $5.39 with tax.  The rest of the store was nothing but junk.  But this headboard made my day.  Finding a deal like this is truly one of the most satisfying feelings for me.  I can't explain it, but if you are a bargain hunter, you know what I am talking about. 

I strapped it to the top of the Tahoe, and we brought it home!  My husband always jokes that we look like Sanford and Son going down the road.  Which is probably true. 

Anyway, I got the headboard home and cleaned it up.  The faux bamboo detailing is so perfect.  Headboards like this sell for considerably more money here in Charlotte, but eastern NC is a different market.  Obviously the honey oak (or whatever it is) finish wasn't going to stay...

The pricetag...

I toyed around with what color to paint the headboard.  I knew it would be perfect in my downstairs guest room.  I had a mahogany headboard on that bed, but it was a little heavy for that room.  I thought about a lacquered kelly green or yellow, but ultimately I decided to paint a glossy white.  If I hate it, I can always change it later!

Here we go.  So easy. 

And the finished product.  I think it's great with my yellow striped walls.

For now, I am glad I painted it white.  Maybe one day I'll be a little bolder. 

Reminds me alot of this bed from WS Home (to the tune of $3500....)

Have you found anything fabulous lately? 

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