Graduate Fashion Week 2011

Graduate Fashion Week 2011

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george graduate fashion week

graduate fashion week

Just a quick one; my photos from Graduate Fashion Week are now up on Catwalking!  A few months  before I started this degree, I remember going to watch the Trent show at Graduate Fashion Week thinking 'Wow.'  I loved everything about the show, the stunning knitwear was an obvious one, but also the atmosphere, the music and even the goody bag my Mum managed to somehow snag (I still have the Paul Smith toothbrush to this day, which was fortunately never used).  The day was a long one, with a 4am start getting myself ready and on the coach to London, plus the usual model fittings, confusing shoes sizes and sneaky sandwich thievery from backstage.  It was amazing to see my designs on the catwalk in London and I'm excited to figure out what happens next, but for now, I need to do a crazy amount of work before my hand in on Tuesday!  Hopefully you're not too bored with all this collection stuff by now, as I've posted a shaky vid of the catwalk show here and am looking forward to showing you my inspiration and how the pieces were made in a future post.  (Edit: I managed to find a better video here, shot from the front and without my Mum's commentary).

kristabel plummer graduate fashion week

kristabel plummer graduate fashion week

graduate fashion week tickets
Memories of the day, photo collage idea inspired by Helena Rees

Hope you have a good weekend!  Mine will be spent writing technical notes for pieces I made up as I was going along...

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