Goodbye Nottingham

Goodbye Nottingham

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Carrying on in the reflective vein of the last post, I've been saying goodbye to my adopted Uni home. As a self-confessed Londonite, it may have seemed like a surprising decision to choose to head 'oop North' for University.  My logic all of those years ago was that I could live an independent lifestyle with all the necessities within walking distance.  As much as I love London, getting around involves various forms of public transport and I can now see that a five-minute powerwalk down a hill beats a one-hour tram/train/tube commute hands down.  My hypothetical London student life might have somehow involved trips home via Topshop Oxford Circus or Brick Lane, making my overdraft even more dismal than it is now.  That being said, Nottingham is a town with many distractions but I somehow managed to resist during the busy final months.  Luckily, I managed to pop by a few of my favourite places before I left and even find some new ones, so here's a few of my recommendations.

vintage warehouse nottingham

vintage warehouse interior

vintage shoes

I normally pop into the Vintage Warehouse as it's conveniently located near my hairdresser, but unfortunately I haven't had much luck on my recent visits.  Maybe I'm just a bit too fussy when looking through vintage stores these days, expecting bargainous 'fill a bag' prices.  Despite my lack of success, I'm certain there are gems to be found here but I'm quite content just looking at the cluttered space, reminding me of the concept behind my collection

lee rosys tea


lee rosys carrot cake

Lee Rosys Tea was a favoured hang out during the first few years in Nottingham but unfortunately I didn't make as many trips here as I would have liked in the final year.   Surprisingly, I have never actually drank tea there preferring to stick to the delicious carrot cake and smoothie combination, but I bet Winnie would find some great green tea variations to try.

sew and save bag

the tokenhouse crockery

keep calm and carry on

british bits and bobs

the tokenhouse mugs

When Lucy came up to visit me, I knew she'd love The Tokenhouse due to it's quaint range of stock but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to take her there.  As per usual, I'm drawn to the store's cluttered nature, with every nook and cranny filled with amazingly quirky homeware, stationery and gifts.  If I ever manage to move out you can guarantee I'll be trading in my battered student plates for some of the bird patterned stuff, but for now I've settled with one of the Union Jack printed tins to fill photos with.

oxfam originals

I also popped by the Oxfam Originals shop and found a gorgeous silk shirt that seemed very Weekday, unfortunately I needed legs of modelesque proportions to make it suit.  It's probably just as well, I already have three thrifted silk shirts that I need to wear more often!


aubrey's creperie

savoury feta crepe

serving utensils

apple crepe

The last stop was a new one for me, Aubrey's Traditional Creperie situated in a discreet arcade a stones throw away from the Market Square.  I loved the setting almost as much as the food itself and got a few strange looks for my excessive photo taking of anything imaginable.  Being a bit of a foodie, I had to try a sweet and savoury version and managed to decide after much menu deliberation (I can be a bit indecisive in restaurants).  I guess this wouldn't be too difficult to make for myself at home but I'll definitely miss the vintage crockery and perfect presentation.

Have any of you ever visited Nottingham?  Some of my friends have discussed having mini-reunions there as it's too good a place never to visit again.  I also need to make an effort to see more UK cities as I love the individual shops and cafes they have to offer, maybe Manchester will be next?

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