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 Before children (BC), I always vowed that I would never be one of those women whose decorating style is affected by having children.  I would teach my children not to play with "mommy's pretty things" and they would be well-behaved and never run in the house and would know to avoid any furniture with sharp corners.  Now that reality has set in, I have to laugh at a lot of these promises I made BC.  For example, as soon as my little guy started pulling up on furniture to walk, I had to move my pretty coffee table out of the family room.  The table is gold leaf with a mirrored top and has very sharp edges.  However, since rearranging the family room, it really feels empty without a coffee table. 

As I started thinking about what kind of table to buy, with little children it seems like the only two safe options are either an oversized upholstered ottoman or something curved and made of neither wood nor metal- what about lucite?!  Since I already have an ottoman that goes with my club chairs, I am thinking a simple lucite coffee table might be the answer.  A curved waterfall style is probably my best bet, since it doesn't really have any sharp corners or hard edges. 

CB2 makes a very affordable version of the lucite waterfall table.  The main problem is that it's only 13.75 inches tall.  That seems REALLY low for a coffee table.  But it is affordable and available, which is nice.

I found another on eBay that is several inches taller, and the lucite is thicker than the CB2 version, which I think makes a huge difference.  Do you agree?  The price is about the same. 

Some of my favorite rooms feature lucite coffee tables.  They provide a practical surface without weighing down a room with heavy wood or metal.  And, more importantly for me right now, they seem to be a (relatively) safe table option for little children. 

Janet Gregg's Charleston home in Cottage Living

Elle Decor (this one does have sharp edges, but isn't the brass hardware fabulous?)

House Beautiful (another with sharp edges, but it's so unique).

A lucite trunk in Lonny

House Beautiful

Meg Braff's living room in Coastal Living

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Do you agree that lucite is a good choice for mamas of little ones? 

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