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I'm really really thrilled by the response to my graduate collection and that so many of you like it!  It really is a bit surreal to be working on something for so long before finally unleashing it to the world, free for people to form their own associations and opinions.  It's already been referred to as 'tribal' yet also 'cosy', which wasn't really in the back of my mind when I was making it, but still interesting to read nonetheless.  I thought I'd share a few photos of my inspiration and the process of making some of the pieces.  Whenever I tell people that I'm busy knitting, they assume that I'm sat in a rocking chair complete with needles and a cat but I can assure you that the reality is completely different.

battersea boot fair
Remember my visit to Battersea Boot Fair back in January?  I used colours from these photos to influence my yarn choices and as the infamous Topshop pleated skirt was in the picture, it ended up in my colour palette and used for styling in the show.  How it's come full circle!

the selby scan

comfort station book display

I decided to make the concept somewhat personal and expand on the nature of collections and the obsessive nature of amassing a large amount of items.  It's no secret that I'm a bit of a magpie, holding on to things for years and buying additional items that may appear similar on the surface. My concept also relates to the experiences I've gone through during my blogging lifetime, collecting images, taking them from their original context and sharing them on the Web.  I used a lot of my own photos as research and managed to whittle everything down to looking at bookcases and their linear nature.  I found the fact that people collect images of bookcases online fascinating in itself as they are objects which can contain such a range of literature in one organised space.  The stylised way a collection looks almost as important as the items themselves, if this Tumblr is anything to go by.  I wanted each garment to be like an assortment of items joined together, but also being part of a wider collection, united by colour, shape and technique.

jumper dress

The knitting machine in action with a panel that ends up being part of this dress

trying on toile
The only outfit post I did within this time - wearing my dodgy toile

knitting my skirt
You can see me knitting the skirt in this video here - excuse the hair and telephone voice

My theme basically developed into a process of joining disparate fabrics together, to create a new whole.  The knit room became a bit of a second home whilst I resolved all of the issues, such as one panel mysteriously falling off the machine six times!

knitting at home

I much prefer knitting at home, due to the obligatory pyjama and scruffy hair uniform, so turned my living room into a bit of a makeshift studio from March onwards.  Yarn was a constant fixture around the house and somehow managed to get everywhere, the strangest sightings being in the bath and a cup of coffee.  You can also spot the Asos creeper style brogues I used for styling; now I can finally wear the grey pair I've kept!

Woven Labels

So my four year degree has now finished and I'm back in London to figure out my next step.  It's such a strange feeling and perhaps hasn't quite sunk in yet that my friends will now be scattered all around the country and I don't have the 'comfort blanket' of University for much longer.  I've been in a reflective sort of mood for the past few days and it's amazing to think of how much you change living the student lifestyle (and in my case the fashion student lifestyle is a completely different experience altogether).  How did you feel when departing University?  I now face the prospect of finding a job and trying to fit all of my junk into my tiny room back home; I spy some eBaying on the horizon! 

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