Balenciaga Piped Blazer *Update - 8/6/09*

Balenciaga Piped Blazer *Update - 8/6/09*

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This blazer (in it's various forms) has a waiting list a mile long, and the price tag...? Well, let's just say you'd have to give them your firstborn.

If you like this look, but don't want to blow your entire are a couple alternatives.

J Crew - $250 (Now on sale for $99, and available in tons of colors and sizes! Also, if you purchase before Jan. 20th, you'll get an extra 20% off.)

Mango - $89

*Update - 4/28/09* - This is a pretty old post (originally from January 08!), but I came across this blazer today and thought it resembled the Balenciaga versions. So, if you're still looking for a similar blazer - Dillards has a great option. It's by Priorities and it's currently on sale for $31.80 (down from $148) through May 2nd!! Click the photo below to purchase.

Priorities at ShopStyle

*Update - 8/6/09* - A great reader sent this find to me and I just had to share since the above versions sold out long ago. Aeropostale now has a take on the piped blazer and it is on sale for $40. Don't forget to use the code FRIEND8689 or PSFRIEND8689 at checkout to receive 30% off your order (through 8/9), making the blazer an even more affordable $28. Click on the photo below to purchase!

Aeropostale at ShopStyle

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