A Knock at the Door...

A Knock at the Door...

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Yesterday as I was unpacking from the beach, I heard a knock at the door.  It was the UPS man, and he had left a HUGE box on the front porch.  I couldn't think of anything I had ordered that was so large (although I am the first to admit sometimes I forget what is coming in the mail), so I looked at the return address label.  It was from one of my best friends who lives in Atlanta.  I brought the box in and opened the top (it doesn't look that big in this picture, but trust me, it was huge).  Inside was a baby gift for Baby Girl.


As I started going through the wrapping, I found two big objects in the box.  They were wrapped in bubble wrap, but the socket at the top was a giveaway- lamps!!  Lamps are one of my favorite things in the world.  I am constantly buying lamps and moving them around my house, from room to room, until I find just the right spot for them.

Underneath the bubble wrap was a layer of paper.  I was getting impatient with all this wrapping, but as I thought I saw a tole leaf sticking out through the paper, my heart skipped a beat!

Underneath the paper revealed a pair of the most stunning vintage tole tulip lamps I've ever seen.  They took my breath away.  Seriously.

The original painted coral tulip blossoms and green leaves are in pristine condition, which is so rare for vintage tole lamps.

And to think they are a pair.  Laura Casey blogged the other day about pairs of lamps, and I have to echo her sentiments that pairs of lamps are strikingly beautiful and add symmetry and order to a room. 

I added drum shades and placed them atop the faux bamboo dresser in Baby Girl's nursery. 

I am absolutely in love.  They are the perfect deep shade of coral for the room, and I love the Hollywood Regency touch they add, especially when paired with the Palm Beachy faux bamboo dresser.

I have a feeling that when Baby Girl goes off to college, she's going to want to take these with her.

Thank you so much, JDL!  You are so truly thoughtful and know me all too well!! 

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for some nursery progress updates!

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