A Bed Fit for a Queen

A Bed Fit for a Queen

Style : This weekend I was thumbing through my copy of David Hicks on Decoration with Fabrics and the first thing that struck me was the fact that David Hicks does NOT mess around when it comes to beds. Most of us wouldn't dream of installing a this type of bed in our bedrooms today, not only because of the expense, but because most homes are simply not decorated on such a grand scale so as to accommodate such a feature.

But, in the event that I do find myself after a bed truly fit for a queen one day, David Hicks will be my first point of reference.

I love the fresh and airy fabric in this room. If you put this in House Beautiful today, it would look right at home. Green and yellow never go out of style.

I love the juxtaposition of this massive bed with the light, tranquil fabric. What a wonderful place to retreat at the end of the day.


The darker, heavier fabric creates a very "tucked away" sense.

Here's another view of the room with the white bed. I love the mixture of furniture- a chrome director's chair, a parsons table, a Berge-style chaise. It all works.

Perhaps my favorite bed due to the cheerful geometric fabric in gorgeous pinks and oranges. So lovely. I'm sure there is a name for the cabana-inspired detailing on the top of the bed but I'm not sure what it is. Anyone?

Another view. Props for the matching bedding!


I love the contrast of the oversized green chairs in this room.

What a wonderful sense of calm in this blue and cream bedroom.

You don't have to have a huge bed to give it the royal treatment, as shown on this twin bed with a masculine twist.


What about you- is your ideal bed Hicks-inspired, or something a little more streamlined?

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