Your Questions: Answered

Your Questions: Answered

Style : Thanks to those of you that asked questions! I had a lot of fun doing this, hopefully this answers some questions that you guys had about me/the blog. Sorry I am just getting this posted now, I ran out of time last week.

1. What's your personal style/favorite store?
My personal style is pretty classic, I tend to dress more like Jennifer Aniston than say...Sienna Miller. I stick to pretty basic pieces (a typical outfit for me is a cute top + jeans or shorts in the summer) and actually don't wear a lot of jewelry (I have a couple Dogeared and Gorjana necklaces that I rotate in, along with a Helen Ficalora J pendant on a silver chain). I don't have to dress up for my job, but I do love the chance to wear a great dress (I LOVE buying dresses and wish I had more opportunities to wear them!) and heels. My favorite store for my day to day clothing is probably J Crew, although Gap has had some cute stuff lately. I also love Nordstrom, but I don't have one near me so I have to shop online.

2. What are your favorite online stores?
I started to answer this in the above question, but I have several online stores that I love. Shopbop or Revolve Clothing is where I buy most of my jeans & some of my dresses (both have great sale sections, but I occasionally buy items full price if it's something I think I get a lot of wear out of, like denim). I also like to shop at Forever21 for trendier pieces, and some of my favorite shorts are from here (and only cost $9 or so!). J Crew and Gap are great for basics, and I am obsessed with Martin & Osa's v-neck essential tees (although I think they changed them for spring/summer). I love Dogeared for jewelry, for their simple necklaces (love the feather and the wishbone ones). Nordstrom is great as well for almost everything. Honestly I have a lot of stores that I've purchased from, but the above sites are the ones that I visit/purchase from most often.

3. How did you get started with "look 4 less"?
Finding looks for less was just something I realized I had a strange knack for, so I decided to share my finds by starting a blog!

4. Do you have any pets?
I have one pet, a 4 lb (tiny!) Yorkie named Einstein. He's my little buddy and goes almost everywhere with me, even work! Here are a couple pics that I think show Einstein's personality (he always has his tongue licking something or sticking out...and of course sleeping (with his tongue peeking out) is what he does best!):

5. Head to toe, outline your perfect outfit. Any occasion. Give details.
Honestly I think my perfect outfit is just any outfit that I feel great in, so I guess it depends on the occasion! For summer, my perfect outfit is probably a great dress with a pair of metallic sandals (flat or heel, doesn't matter) and some simple jewelry.

6. Do you actually buy some of the knockoffs/inspired pieces?
When I first started the blog I probably purchased a lot more than I do now. I have learned to only purchase the items that will actually work for my style and with my existing wardrobe instead of buying something just because it's a great look for less. I still occasionally buy an item that I later decide isn't for me, but it's pretty rare. So I guess the short answer would be yes, I do purchase some of the items but only if it's something I really want (otherwise I'd probably be broke!).

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