Wrap-up from the (Almost) Perfect Weekend!

Wrap-up from the (Almost) Perfect Weekend!

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On Friday, my sister and I (and little man- sadly baby boy is no longer a baby!) ran to the mall to find a couple gifts for our mom.  We went by Aldo, so I thought I would show my sister the bracelet I bought a few weeks ago.   The bracelet was gone, but look what they had instead:

Pineapple earrings that we could SWEAR were Kate Spade:

And a cute pineapple pendant necklace as well!

 At Nordstrom, we both fell in love with nOir's Shaka lanyard bracelets, harkening back to craft projects at summer camp.  The bracelets come in bright, fun color combinations, complete with heavy brass toggle hardware.  Aren't they fun with my braided gold bangle? 

My sister bought the purple version, which goes perfectly with her enamel Click-Clack.

Saturday morning, I was running some errands and decided to check out a thrift store I hadn't visited in ages.  For the record, I NEVER find sterling silver at thrift stores.  Ever.  I am sure people (accidentally) donate it, but I think it probably gets sold as scrap before it ever makes it to the shelves.  Still, I always look, because the thought of accidentally passing up some silver just kills me. 

I saw a pair of antique coasters in a very common style of crystal edged in silver.  I assumed they would say "silverplate" on them but looked anyway.  They were extremely tarnished, so I looked at the first one and seeing no mark, I assumed silverplate.  However, just to be safe, I thought I'd look at the second coaster (they were identical).  Through the layers of tarnish I saw a faintly etched "erlin" and knew these were the real deal!  Upon a closer examination, I saw that indeed they were both marked Sterling!  And $.60 each!  A small silver frame also caught my eye, and once again, I assumed silverplate.  However, the frame's taffeta lining did look nice, so I thought I'd just make sure.  What do you know, it was marked "Sterling" (underneath lots of tarnish) as well.  For $.40!

A little polish and they are all as good as new!  Two silver coasters and a silver frame for $1.60 total!

As I walked out to the car from the thrift store, gloating over my sterling success, I heard a hissing noise.  Like many thrift stores, this particular store isn't in the best neighborhood, and the parking lot is full of trash, nails (apparently) and who knows what else.  Sure enough, I had a flat tire, likely from a nail I picked up in the parking lot.  And unluckily for me, it was in the side of the tire, so it couldn't be patched.  Thankfully there was a Goodyear across the street, so they replaced the tire.  To the tune of $300.  So my $1.60 silver steals turned into $301.60...

But I have to admit, the flat tire was the only sad spot in my weekend.  On Saturday night I was able to spend time with some very special friends, and Sunday was Mother's Day!  I woke up to blueberry pancakes in bed, and little man dragging a giant Kate Spade shopping bag into the bedroom.  Guess what was inside?  The pineapple clutch!  Well done, little man (and his daddy)!

My sweet family planned a special Mother's Day too, complete with all sorts of beautiful outfits for baby girl!

Sunday afternoon, we all piled into the car and headed to Mooresville to the Lazy 5 Ranch.  If you live in Charlotte and have children, this is TOTALLY worth the drive.  You get to enjoy all sorts of animals (zebras, rhinos, camels, llamas, buffalo, etc) from the comfort of your car.  You just roll down the windows as you are driving through (it takes about an hour) and feed them out of your hand.  Little man LOVED it (we all did). 


Water buffalo!

You can feed the giraffes out of the sunroof!

On the way home, we passed another thrift store that was open.  Since it was Mother's Day, and since I was still inspired by my sterling silver find the day before (notwithstanding the nail in the tire), my husband and sister generously agreed to let me run in for 5 minutes.  This large faux bamboo mirror came home, perfect for a project I am working on!  We may forego the painting and have the wood stained a little darker, to accentuate the fabulous zig-zag pattern inside the frame!

All in all, it was a perfect weekend!  Even though the flat tire negated any "savings" I've ever encountered from thrifting, of course I'll keep going...  Hope all you mamas had a great Mother's Day too!

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