Working round the clock

Working round the clock

Style : The bank holiday has confused me somewhat, and has finally made me realise how little time I have before my deadline. Silly me for leaving a lot of work till two weeks before; I guess I'm going to have to put my whole 'I work better under pressure' stance to the test. My slightly ambitious mini-garment project is called 'Culture Collision' mainly inspired by Parisian architecture from my trip and street style. I like the way how 'real' people put looks together, mixing up designer, high-street or vintage and designers are even starting to cotton on to this (Charles Anastase, Proenzea Schouler, Dsquared), so I'm trying to design some knitwear to reflect this whole mismatched look. I haven't got a lot of work to show as yet, but I'll try and post something when I do. In the meantime, here's some inspiring street style I've found:

Nast, Hel Looks, Nast, Satorialist, Nast.

And here is my tired self, from yesterday. I was going to have a shopping ban for May, but chickened out and bought this Zara tie-dye top, to update my wardrobe slightly for summer. I like the little Wang-esque pocket, and the fact that it's the perfect length for, you've guessed it, leggings! On my mini-shopping trip I also bought a bright blue cardigan, which I wore today, but I decided against taking a picture after spending all day knitting and then a four hour stint at work. I hate being tired!

Am also trying this Bloglovin thing again, so follow away. I promise once all this work is over, there'll be a lot more to follow....

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