Scratching our Heads at the NY Times

Scratching our Heads at the NY Times

Style : One thing I miss about the blog Decorno is the author's wry and withering criticism of articles in the New York Times. Posts like this and this (and the hilarious accompanying comments) made me feel relieved I wasn't the only person utterly confounded by some of the apartments featured in the Home & Garden Section. We all understand that the Gray Lady wants to feature "regular people" sometimes and not just bazillion dollar townhomes on the UES, but truly, sometimes they take it too far when trying to capture the style of ordinary folks in Manhattan.

So when MoS Charlotte sent me this article yesterday, I knew I had to take up the mantle of now-defunct Decorno and ask...WHY? Namely....WHY is this apartment in the New York Times? WHY is this article in the New York Times? WHY do those cats look like they are plotting a Mr. Bigglesworth-esque scheme? WHY would you relish having an old lady smell in your apartment, especially when the old lady wasn't even related to you?

Don't get me wrong, these look like perfectly nice people in a perfectly respectable apartment. I've got no issues with them. But, I find it perplexing that the story of this couple's apartment is the featured story in the Style section of one of the world's preeminant newspapers.

Though the fancy homes are fun to gawk at, my favorite NYT articles are those that feature creative people who have somehow turned a 300 sq foot studio into something phenominal on a Ramen budget. They teach us about the importance of creativity and vision. That great style doesn't necessarily have a pricetag attached. But, I just don't get that message here.

And my personal favorite-


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