Oops, She Did it Again!

Oops, She Did it Again!

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Good news for the British high street...the Duchess of Cambridge is back from her honeymoon and ready to resume her place in the royal-yet-accesable style stakes. When I first saw the dress she wore to meet the Obamas, it was love at first sight. Finally, a "bandage" dress that doesn't look like it belongs on Kim Karsahian!

But alas, apparently I was not alone- Kate's "Shola" dress from Reiss was so instantly in demand that it crashed the Reiss website on Tuesday...

And as of last night, still no dice...the Reiss website still looked like this...

Maybe I'll make a pass by the Reiss store in Georgetown this weekend, though I won't hold my breath that I'll find the Shola! It's safe to say that Kate managed to out glam the First Lady of Fashion, Michelle Obama, who seemed a bit prom-ish in her floral dress and pink bolero. Sleek and sophisticated wins every time, I guess!

PS Will someone give Kate a cheeseburger, though?

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