Nursery Bench Before and After!

Nursery Bench Before and After!

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I have had a fun time doing little projects for baby girl's nursery.  This bench actually came with "the desk" (the one that made me vow to never again paint furniture myself).  Since I had decided to pair a lucite chair with the desk, this bench had been upstairs in my attic.  However, the lacquered coral color is perfect for the nursery, so I thought maybe I could use it.  For what it's worth, I think a comfortable ottoman is a nursery necessity- this bench definitely does not fit that bill.  But I thought it would be the perfect piece to place underneath the window!

Since the bench was already painted, this would be an easy project!  First I removed the seat on top of the bench.

I bought a yard of plain white textured cotton from the remnant bin, so I cut it to size and got out the trusty staple gun.

Covering the seat of the bench couldn't be easier.  Just pull the fabric tight and staple the edges underneath.

 The seat is covered!

Next, I placed it back on top of the bench.  It is secured with 4 screws underneath the seat.  While the shiny coral wood looks nice with the crisp white seat cover, I figured that a little girl's nursery is probably the best excuse ever to add some fun trim.

So I bought 3 yards of this fun yellow pom-pom trim!

Basic fabric glue is a fantastic way to affix trim to a bench like this.  It could not be easier to use!

 Using the fabric glue, I started carefully affixing the pom-poms to the bench.  I glued them to the white fabric seat cover, not the wood itself.

 Rounding the corner...

I did it on all 4 sides of the bench and neatly sealed the end.  

 I think it will be perfect  underneath the window!  A certain little boy already loves nothing more than climbing up on it to look out into the back yard!

 The finished product!  It really took all of 15 minutes from start to finish!

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