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Style : peter pan collar blouse

suede shorts

red zara jumper

black sheer pleated skirt

swedish hasbeens for h&m

1. Peter Pan collar blouse bought via Jazmine
2. Suede Shorts via Geneva
3. Zara Jumper (for colour blocking purposes)
4. Sheer pleated skirt via Geneva
5. Swedish Hasbeens for H&M

At the moment I'm having slight knitting overload and the only clothes I'm concerned about now are the ones I need to make.  Despite this, I've somehow managed a few new wardrobe additions over the past month through the magic of the internet, and I've worn all of them bar the shorts (not very practical for the knitting machine) and the Swedish Hasbeens for H&M (will hopefully be wearing them to the show).  What have you all been buying recently?  I still have a fair few things to sort out, knitting-wise, so expect no more posts over the next two weeks (but maybe the odd tweet and Tumblr picture).  If anyone lives near Nottingham and would like to come to the show to see what Fashion Knitwear is all about, details can be found here.  If not, I will be blogging all the gory details afterwards.

See you on the other side, looking forward to having my life back! 

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