MoS Obsessions: Malachite

MoS Obsessions: Malachite

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In the Miles Redd presentation last week, one of the things that caught my eye was his use of emerald green and specifically malachite in his designs.  Malachite is a naturally green mineral that has been mined since the 10th Century BC, around the time of King Solomon.  It's striking color has made it desirable in both interior design and jewelry. 

Miles Redd accented this entryway with a pair of faux-malachite lamps from John Roselli.  The emerald green garden stool incorporates the rich green shades as well.

A grouping of three malachite obelisks create an elegant entryway console table.

Mary McDonald in Veranda

Malachite and brass are a fantastic combination, as evidenced by this malachite-finished desk and oversize brass lamps.

Faux finished malachite walls create a striking backdrop when paired with bright red.  

Image via DesignSponge

A malachite printed fabric covers a chair to create an eyecatching vignette.

Malachite printed fabric used for roman shades adds a welcome pop of color and richness to this space.

Elle Decor

1st Dibs is a fantastic resource for malachite furnishings and accessories.  Here are some of our favorites:

Lindsey Harper and Maggie Curry's Lamshop creates custom tables in a variety of finishes, including malachite.

These faux malachite boxes would look so chic atop a coffee table.

You can find some great malachite pieces on Etsy too.  This large malachine cabochon would look AMAZING mounted on top of a brass box.

This tray photographs very dark, but I would imagine that it's a rich emerald green color in real life.  I love the combination of malachite with brass!

My own little piece of malachite, in the form of a lamp finial I found at a thrift store.  It was attached to a hideous lamp, so I bought it for the finial and donated the lamp!

Malachite jewelry is one of my favorites.  Vivre carries a fantastic selection including the two pieces below:

Do you love malachite as much as we do?!

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