May Flowers from Tommy Mitchell

May Flowers from Tommy Mitchell

Style : Happy May, everyone! Spring is just flying by...the weather is finally warm...white jeans are in season...what more could we ask for?

On Saturday I attended the Georgetown House Tour, which was such an amazing way to spend the gorgeous afternoon. I wish the tour happened more than once a year. It's one thing to see homes in magazines, but it's quite another to actually tour them in person and get a real sense of the space, the way the house is lived in, etc.

Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures inside the homes, which left me disappointed on a more than a few occasions. But one thing I did notice in one home was an abundance of "flowers" and "plants" (like the ones below) that had me looking a bit closer...

Upon further inspection, we noticed that these gorgeous botanicals were actually made of painted metal. Sort of like tole- but with a detail level and intricacy far surpassing anything I've ever seen.

When I entered the home's kitchen (which was wallpapered in green chinese lattice- ceiling included- swoon) I noticed a stack of cards and a notebook on the kitchen counter revealing that the botanicals are the work of North Carolinian Tommy Mitchell. He hand-crafts the plants out of copper and tin and then hand paints each one.

According to his website, Mitchell, who is based in Chapel Hill, NC, does most of his work for clients in New York and Palm Beach. Which makes sense- his colorful aesthetic must certainly be snapped up on those markets! Below are some photos from a trunk show at Mary Mahoney in Palm Beach. I think it's important to see his works incorporated into decor- they just add a special whimsical something that's hard to put into words.

In addition to the flowers on the table, he did those tall gold palm trees in the background!

 No-fuss gardening. Ha!

I spy an Anna Weatherley cachepot!

Even prettier than real flowers!

His work at Bergdorfs

It just amazes me what artists can do- I love that this is something so unique and different that can add such a powerful statement to a home. And practically speaking, considering my dire track record with houseplants, maybe this is just what I've been looking for!

Please note, all of the photos are from the Tommy Mitchell Company website and Facebook page.

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