Style : Leggings are somewhat of an obsession on this blog; I started off with a £3 Primark pair maybe 3 years ago (was slightly unsure of the trend at first), and I've now branched out to buying £28 American Apparel pairs (albeit with 15% off, don't forget those discounts). I love to adorn my legs as they can pretty much take any pattern or style I throw at them, and leggings can easily brighten up a plain top or dress. There seems to have been an overload in the past year or so, and some really interesting concepts coming through, such as rips, patterns, unexpected materials and embellishment. I thought these delights deserved their own post, as I've come across so many nice styles recently, so here I am getting all this leggings-love out of my system.

As soon as I found the Too Many Tights blog, I knew it was a match made in heaven (I think I actually screamed 'These are insane!' when the site loaded on my Macbook). James Lillis creates the most ingenious legwear, all the way from sunny Australia, and all painstakingly made by himself (which he regularly documents on his blog). It has totally inspired my leggings making, though I am tempted to just cave in and buy the above two-tone or Spartans pair in the first pic (though being the bargainista I am, I'm waiting for some kind of discount code due to the dodgy exchange rate).

I love the inventiveness of these I heart Norweigian wood creations, which combine all the things I love in a legging. Panels? Check. Sheer ornate detailing? Check. Marbled pattern? Check. This pair sold out, but they say that they are planning a collection of panelled leggings, made from two or more fabrics, so I'm excited to see what other designs they come up with.

These Alexander Wang reminiscent cut-outs actually hail from Pixie Market, another site with the potential to bankrupt me. Just you wait until I'm paid in dollars... Made from silk bandage-style strips, these would look perfect on their own or layered over some crazy tights.

I'm glad that the designers have deemed leggings still in fashion, at least for another season. Alexander McQueen strikes again with another patterned pair, this time taking the human skeleton as inspiration.

I fell in love with these Katie Gallagher creations, with twisted zips travelling up the leg. They can be unzipped to reveal a bit of flesh, but I'd prefer to layer them with a patterned pair underneath.

I think these are actually classed as trousers, but that doesn't stop me loving these Patrik Rzepski designs. Panels with different shades of sheerness, remind me of shade cards, and they would look perfect with a sculptural dress (another thing I don't really have). Definitely on my wishlist or DIYlist.

The swirls of colour on these
colourful creations by Michael Angel really appeal to me. The print is a modern take on psychedelic 70s patterns, and is reflected throughout his collections, in new and inventive ways. There are some gorgeous nice blazers and tunic tops in this pattern, definitely a designer to keep an eye on.

Now after a quick count, I realise I have 22 pairs of leggings, with 12 being black (and four being black and shiny)! I think I need a bit more colour in my collection... I'll let you know how it develops.

Also, if you were thinking that this page needed more legspiration, Susie Bubble posted about Costume Dept, which has an array of patterned legwear. Overload? Never! Here's a pattern for some zipper leggings, and I think a basic block can also be found on the site, which gives me no excuse not to start making my own. Although there is no time at the moment, I'm working on my overlocker fund, so hopefully when this project is over, I can start planning my own creations.

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