Ledbury Comes to Georgetown

Ledbury Comes to Georgetown

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Last Thursday I decided to tag along with a friend to the one-night-only Ledbury pop up store in Georgetown. The Richmond-based company is the brainchild of friends Paul Trible and Paul Watson, who studied together at Oxford and share a passion for Jermyn Street shirtmaking. Facing a floundering economy upon graduation, the pair decided to turn their sights from the financial industry to something very different indeed- bringing English tailoring to the American shirt market. Plenty of hard work and couch-crashing later, Ledbury was born.

For the DC launch of Ledbury, the Pauls took a vacant store on O Street just off Wisconsin and spruced it up with every classic guy's favorite accessories- taxidermy animals, oriental rugs, and, of course, a stocked bar. When I arrived the party didn't look like the photo above- it was packed, as you can see in the below. I noticed plenty of fellow UVA alumne, and considering the Ledbury founders went to Davidson and W&L, I'm sure those contingencies were also well represented.

I don't claim to be an expert on men's clothing, but in determining what I like, I guess you could say I take the Justice Stewart approach- I know it when I see it. And I definitely saw good things from Ledbury. Their fabrics are made in Italy, their buttons are mother of pearl, and their work shirts have a slightly dropped second button, which, I've been told, makes men's lives much easier when wanting to loosen up a bit. 

Blue Fine Twill (French Cuff)

As you can see below, their line is cut a bit slimmer than most American brands to prevent that dreaded blousy look. I saw quite a few men trying shirts on for size, and they looked wonderfully tailored on everyone.

Pink Box Check Worker (Button Cuff)

Guests enjoyed a little bit of bluegrass to set the tone.

There's also a slim fit option that's cut smaller in the waist and torso.

Right now you can purchase Ledbury shirts in the company's online store (with free shipping and free returns, natch). If you're stumped for Fathers Day (which I always am), perhaps this is just the solution you're looking for. Coming in September they'll have a similar pop up store in Charlotte, and early November will take them up to New York City. Check it out and report back to us!

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