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The other day I was dropping off a carload of baby clothes at Goodwill and decided I would run inside to see if they had any good furniture or accessories.  The furniture was the typical honey oak you would expect to find at Goodwill, and the accessories were a bit dusty and outdated (in a bad 1980's way, not a good 1960's way).  But in the corner, abstract painting on canvas caught my eye.  The corals and greens in particular seemed like they could work somewhere in my house.  I had been on the hunt for something abstract since attending Miles Redd's lecture, where he discussed how adding an abstract piece to an otherwise traditional room keeps the room feeling fresh and young.

It was $3.99, so I picked it up!

I tried using the painting several places before settling on my family room wall.  The colors are perfect in that room, and I love how it makes the room feel more modern and up-to-date.

Of course it's not a valuable piece of art, but I think the colors and the style are a fun addition to my traditional room.

Do you have any abstract art in your home?

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