If We Can't Have William...

If We Can't Have William...

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...then at least we can have Kate's shoes! Like most every woman around the world these days, I've been taking furious mental notes when it comes to Kate Middleton's everyday wardrobe. I've been curious to see how Kate deftly juggles her "everyday" wardrobe, most of which comes from the High Street and is relatively affordable. Particularly, I've been hearing a lot about her penchant for L.K. Bennett shoes. Case in point:

The day after the wedding (and the day before the wedding), Kate sported these L.K. Bennett "Greta" wedges. And guess what? They're being reissued in both the UK and the US in July! I love how they're a dressed-up version of an espadrille that you could definitely wear day-to-night. 

 I'd never really heard of L.K. Bennett till I started hearing the name when mentioned in conjunction with Kate. Apparently they're a well-known British brand offering shoes, purses, and clothing. Most of their shoe designs are flat-out gorgeous- modern yet classic (and class-y, which is harder and harder to find in shoes these days).

I am completely obsessed with the Zahara tan wedge- I think these would be amazing for work.

Call me boring, but you cannot believe how hard it is to find a nice kitten heel pump these days- the Salut2 Court fits the bill perfectly!

And HELLO- the Sledge2 Court is all dressed up with somewhere to go.

 I'm also loving so many of their bag styles. The Monica would be the perfect daytime bag. 

 And at the next royal wedding I'll sport the Selina clutch.

But for kicking around, I'd go with the Anna bag.

Kate also sported the Arch Shoe, a few weeks ago. Not quite as youthful as the Greta, but when royal duty calls....

Unfortunately you can't have orders from the L.K. Bennett website shipped to the US. But the brand just opened a flagship store in Chicago- have any eagle-eyed readers with fine taste in footwear checked it out yet? Also, according to their website, a limited selection of their shoes are available at Bloomingdales in New York, Tysons Corner, Philadelphia, and Hackensack. I need to get myself into Bloomies stat!

Are you as taken with L.K. Bennett as we are? Anyone own anything from this brand?

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