High Style with Lee Anderson Couture

High Style with Lee Anderson Couture

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One of my best friends lives in NYC, and like so many New Yorkers, she really has her finger on the pulse of all things stylish.  She recently told me about Lee Anderson Couture, noting how especially beautiful the interior of her Lexington Avenue store is.  From the pictures I have seen and the descriptions I have read, I have to agree.  Lee Anderson's ladylike designs are absolutely stunning, and I think it's safe to say that when MoS REALLY takes off, this girl from Charlotte will be making a few purchases.   

Lee Anderson is a graduate of the Traphagen School of Design.  She worked under several famous designers before starting her own line in 1980, which was picked up by both Barneys and Bergdorfs.  Today, she designs custom and couture collections, which are housed at her chic Lexington Avenue store, between 71st and 72nd Streets.   

Lee's designs use beautiful materials, including silks, taffetas, tweeds, and brocades.  And of course, we LOVE that she is not afraid to use color!

Mmm, we are drooling over those bolts of pink and coral silks!

Her designs are just beautiful.  They are feminine and flattering, classic without being boring.  Her clothes exemplify how to be stylish without being over-the-top trendy.

Take, for example, this stunning canary yellow one-shoulder gown.  The style is classic, the cut is flattering, yet the one-shoulder top and color are so current. 

Not only are her designs chic, but she understands how fashion and interior design go hand-in-hand.  This skirt suit is beautiful and creates a style that appears effortless.  And wow, this glimpse into the interior of her store is jawdropping- the chocolate brown diamond wallpaper, huge murano sconces, mid-century chair covered in oversize yellow houndstooth fabric, and a cow hide rug underfoot.

Her yellow capsleeve shift dress is a classic, and the oversized black necklace keeps it fresh and current.

Looks like Lee shares our love for Leontine Linens!  The beautiful monograms, upholstered headboard, and tufted wall provide the perfect backdrop for this gorgeous red dress. 

Shirtdresses are classic, and the belted waist creates such a feminine shape. 

Channeling Audrey...  The basketweave detail around the base of this shift makes it a work of art!

One of the most obvious features of Lee's designs is how they accentuate the beauty and appeal of a woman's shoulders and neckline without overt references to cleavage.  The off-the-shoulder neckline, fitted waist, and tulip skirt of this cocktail dress make it so feminine and chic.

Another of her beautiful designs paired with a gorgeous interior...  The croc buffet and pair of Jonathan Adler horse lamps with yellow shades are just stunning.

A hot pink nubby car coat with a big collar?  Yes please!  And we must add that the pink looks just beautiful against the chocolate brown background. 

This dress is a lesson in perfect proportions.  She balances the relatively short bubble skirt with longer sleeves and a neckline that isn't too low.  The fur cuffs are so elegant, and we love how she added over-the-top shoes to complete this little black dress look that is anything but boring! 

Beautifully draped citron chiffon!  This evening gown is so elegant and is perfectly paired with the chunky white necklace and cuff.

Lee's designs are adored by so many chic women, including Charlotte Moss.  She wore one of Lee's designs in this recent Town and Country spread.  I'm willing to bet that many women who have graced the pages of Town and Country are devotees of Lee Anderson Couture.

Lee also dresses interior designer extraordinaire Bunny Williams. 

Diane Sawyer looks breathtaking in this black Lee Anderson gown.

I think fashion customers really do appreciate when the interior of a store is well-designed and reflects the aesthetic portrayed by the fashions sold therein. As with Lee Anderson, J. McLaughlin and Tory Burch both come to mind when I think of beautifully designed stores.  The walls of Lee's Lexington Avenue store are covered in tan grasscloth, and gorgeous sconces and chandeliers are located throughout.

A white lacquered French hooded chair covered in black and white polka dots- it doesn't get much better than that!

Are you loving Lee Anderson's designs as much as we are?!

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