Friday's Look for Less

Friday's Look for Less

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This Eileen Kathryn Boyd room has been in my binder of favorite rooms for years.

Light and airy with pops of color- everything about this room is just perfect. The kelly green, white, and blue color combination is so delightful.  If I had this room in my house, you could ALWAYS find me here.

There is no way Ms. Boyd designed this room on the cheap.  But, with so many resources at our fingertips these days, I decided to see if I could re-create this room in a (relatively) budget-friendly manner.

We'll start with the largest piece of furniture in the room, the sofa.  While the room above actually has a daybed, I think a sofa is much more practical and comfortable.  If you want to do it on the super-cheap, how about Ikea's Karlstad sofa in blekinge white?  By the time you load it down with throw pillows, no one will ever suspect that it's from ikea!


Next, the pair of green armchairs.  We love that Ballard offers semi-custom choices.  Here we have selected the Louis XVI Square Back Arm Chair.  At $525 each, they aren't totally cheap, but to get the fabric and finish you really want, they aren't bad.  We are loving the Domino Green fabric on the chair.


Next is the coffee table.  Inexpensive cute white coffee tables are hard to come by, so we'd probably be a little creative, find a table with Asian legs like the one in Ms. Boyd's room, and paint it white. 

Or how about painting this bamboo table white?  That would be so easy, and it would look great!


We decided to go really really cheap on the end tables.  You can find this basic parsons end table at Target, Ikea, Walmart, etc.  The Ikea Lack version is $8.


When Ms. Boyd designed this room, I'm sure gourd lamps were much more expensive than they are now.  You can probably find a pair at your local Homegoods for around $30 each, or you can buy these from Lamps Plus, on clearance for $80. 


While I really don't think an overhead light fixture is necessary, Ikea's PS Maskros would be adorable!


I would also hit up Homegoods for the white ceramic garden stool.  They usually have a good selection in the $30 range.  Target has a zig-zag stool like the one in Ms. Boyd's room for $170.  Or I am loving this stool with rattan cane-detailing for $87.


For the floor cushions, these Pottery Barn blue cushions with white piping do the trick! 


For throw pillows, we are loving these:



$32 for the pair!

One of these zig zag pillows from Fabricadabra:



On the windows, simple white curtains are perfect.  You can always find them at Target for next to nothing.

$16 per pair

Finally, the white mirror something else you could find at Homegoods for less than $50.  If you want to splurge a little, we just love Ballard's wavy Atoll Mirror.

Here we go with the grand total:

Sofa: $499

Pair of chairs:  $1050

Bamboo Coffee Table:  $109

Pair of End Tables:  $16

Pair of Gourd Lamps from Homegoods:  $60

Ikea Pendant:  $89

Garden Stool from Homegoods:  $30

Pair of Floor Pillows:  $118

Tangier Throw Pillow:  $25

Pair of Annie Selke Pillows:  $32

Zig Zag Pillow:  $40

Bamboo Trellis Pillow: $12

Pair of White Curtain Panels:  $16

Ballard Atoll Mirror: $299


Considering one chair in the "inspiration" room probably cost about that much, I'd say it's not too bad!  And you could certainly save some by going for a cheaper mirror, omitting the ceiling light fixture, or painting your existing coffee table white.  What do you think? 

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