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Style : Wow, I seem to be on a winning streak recently; I've won two competitions on blogs. Maybe it's time to buy a lottery ticket...

I took these pictures during happier, sunnier and less stressed times...

Now I am the owner of not one, not two, but three pairs of sunglasses! Courtesy of Instant Vintage's giveaway; I now seem to have retro shades in abundance. What's interesting is that they're not styles I'd usually choose, but slowly they've started to grow on me. I absolutely love the first pair, perfect to cover my eyes after those all-nighters completing the mountain of work.

I also won a funky pair of snake print leggings at Couture Carrie. I'm still trying to figure them out, anyone got any ideas? Maybe teaming them with my free shoes?

Thanks to Couture Carrie and Instant Vintage for posting about them! I thoroughly recommend entering competitions on blogs, you never know what might happen. Maybe I'll have one of my own someday...

Now for the not so free stuff. Finally got my birdcage necklace I spoke about here from This Charming Girl. It keeps my outfits as random as ever, and I love the cute little bird inside on a minature perch. I'm definitely loving my gold jewellery/bling at the moment.

Also bought yet another pair of leggings, this time with a monochrome photofloral print, making this baby pair number 24! Topshop is making it hard for me to resist their creations; I ordered this pair to bump up an online order to qualify for free delivery, but then made the mistake of picking items I might actually keep. The clown print t-shirt is also staying put, but luckily I'm not keeping the other two items. Self control in action.

Being the dedicated knitter I am, I'm going to Uni later today (Sunday) to try and tackle this project. This'll be the eighth consecutive day (my record is fiftteen) so I'm starting to get slight 'knitting overload'. Luckily it'll all be over on Thursday, so I can get back to being my usual, non-tired self. Hope you're all having a great weekend!

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