Chanting on a Budget...

Chanting on a Budget...

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I've loved Lulu DK's Chant for quite a while.  The diamond pattern has almost a cross-stitch aspect that makes it feel modern yet vintage at the same time.

In dramatic red on entryway walls:

In navy on chair seats in Ruthie Sommers's shop:

Ruthie Sommers

On a loooonng sofa and loveseat in what is probably my favorite room ever featured in Metropolitan Home:

Metropolitan Home

In Barrie Benson's gorgeous den:


The bedding version in red:

Gracious Home

On a cozy chair in this Anne Coyle living room:

Anne Coyle

In chocolate brown on a throw pillow:

Vanessa de Vargas

In navy on a French chair in a children's room:

So for the budget part...  I've been doing a little work here and there on my downstairs den.  It's the room with a big tv, a room you only see if you are a really good friend.  We have a big tan leather sofa there- it's not my favorite piece in the world, but it is comfortable and durable and holds up well to a dog, a baby, and a husband.

The other sofa we have down there is the incredibly impractical off-white sofa I had in law school.  I don't know what I was thinking when I covered it in off-white, but it shows every possible stain and after a dog, a baby, and me, it looks terrible.  I am using navy, red, and white in the downstairs den, so I thought Lulu DK's Chant in navy would be perfect to recover my off-white sofa.  Perfect except for the $170+/yard price...

Knowing that Chant was way out of  my budget, I headed across the Catawba to Mary Jo's, a HUGE fabric store in my hometown.  If you sew, it's a dream because they have a fabulous notions section.  They also have some great fabrics- P Kaufman, Braemore, Robert Allen, etc. Of course they have some not-so-great ones too, but I've always had really good luck there. 

I don't fully understand the whole fabric manufacturer/ designer/ wholesaler/ distributor/ retailer relationship, but I do know that at least in the past, Mary Jo's has offered great prices on certain fabrics they bought directly from the textile mill (often located here in NC).   By buying from the manufacturer, Mary Jo's could avoid the mark-up associated with licensing a certain fabric to designers or wholesalers and pass those savings on to the consumer. 

Today, many of our NC textile mills are gone, either out of business completely or having relocated overseas in search of cheaper labor and fewer regulations.  Mary Jo's has very few fabrics now that come directly from the mill.  In fact, my guess is that any they have are left over from the past and not any new arrivals.

But on Friday, I found one of those leftover fabrics from a mill.  Here is the camera phone pic I excitedly sent to MoS Washington from Mary Jo's:

$10 a yard.  Marked Cone Jacquards, in navy and white.  I did a little research, and it looks like Cone Jacquards isn't around anymore- they filed for bankruptcy in 2004 and were purchased by International Textile Group, based in Greensboro.  ITG still has some productions in the US, but the majority of its mills are located in Vietnam, China, and Central America.

Doesn't it look a lot like Lulu DK's Chant?  Like Chant, it's also reversible- I am debating which side I will use.  I bought all the navy at Mary Jo's for my sofa, but knowing what I have since learned about the fabric, I was able to find it in red and green online, also at $10/yard.  I am resisting the entrepreneurial voice in my head that is telling me to buy and re-sell.  It's a struggle, for sure.  But I have resisted, so here you go:

It's known on this website as Hollin Gate Mengikat Cherry:

The photo quality of those isn't great and makes the pattern look a bit blurry, but in real life it's not blurry at all.  Is this Chant, before it was known as Chant? 

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