Can the future Sandra Backlund please stand up?

Can the future Sandra Backlund please stand up?

Style : Another knitwear related post for you all. Any stress during my recent project (and a few minor breakdowns) seems quite unnecessary, after seeing what the final year knitters have had to deal with. Many of them have been knitting 6 outfits since February, 7 days a week, and for as many hours as they're allowed in the knit room (that's 12, if you're interested). After seeing their show on Saturday, I'm sure many of them will feel that it was worth it. Here are some of the amazing things knitwear is capable of...

Eleni Xenofontos

I fell in love with this creation when I saw it on the mannequin a few weeks ago, and the cabled shrug complements it beautifully. Knitted body-con at its best.

Fay Nixon

Lindsay Elston

Sarah Hanlon

As per usual I love an interesting pair of leggings, but this ruched, armour-like panel is something else. There were also some lovely cables and body concious shapes in this collection, which I wish I'd managed to get pictures of.

Naomi Barber-Rogers

A knitted leotard would be the perfect addition to my collection, and this futuristic number with a meshlike panel looks exquisite.

Pandora Bahrami

Georgina Bavalia

Ayako Onikubo

Claudia Pearson

My favourite collection of them all, I think this was perfectly created, styled; everything. There is just the right amount of detail and embellishment, and it reflects her 'glamour with a dark edge' theme. A lot of work has gone into this, and it shows.

There's more brilliant collections (and less dodgy images), which can be seen here.

Seeing all this has scared me somewhat, as my graduate collection is less than two years away. I know it may seem like a very distant time in the future, but I've already been at Uni two years, and the time has just flown by. My knitting skills seriously need to develop, so will need to become a domestic (knitting) goddess. I'll let you know how it all goes; I'm bidding on a book about cables on eBay to kickstart the knitting prowess.

I'm very excited this week, as my friends are coming up to visit me, so will be the dutiful host and show them the great shops Notts has to offer. Hopefully I'll find something nice...

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