Boats, Bahn Mi and Brooklyn Discoveries...

Boats, Bahn Mi and Brooklyn Discoveries...

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After spending a weekend in scorching hot Jamaica, some major NYC bonding was needed.  Sure there may not be white sandy beaches, reggae themed adverts and a crazy exchange rate but the various parts of the city allow one to discover a multitude of things about my adopted home.  First there was some rowing in Central Park.  I discovered that I wasn't as afraid of water as I had previously thought and didn't fall in a la SATC.

This happened on Sat btw, there's no way I could fit all of this into one day!

Then there was an Opening Ceremony sample sale in Soho.  I discovered that the last day is the best for bargains, as everything was reduced by a further 50% off, but that also meant that a lot of random stuff was left over.  Think entire rails of trousers, a bizzare assortment of furry gilets and old Kate Moss Topshop dresses from yesteryear. Undeterred I decided to find a new pair of trews to roll up to my hearts content (hello Acne) and a Erin Wasson RVCA tank to layer repeatedly.  

 Can you spot the Kate Moss?  What is this, 2007?

First (and probably last) Opening Ceremony purchases, Acne trousers (love, love, love the pink stitching) and an Erin Wasson tank...sometimes basics are best

There may have been a Vietnamese sandwich consumed in between these events, though I have no photographic evidence.  I discovered that $4 for such a wonderful snack will be greatly missed in England.

Afterwards I decided to head to the Brooklyn Museum for American High Style: Fashioning a National Collection.  I discovered that there's a lot more to 'Brookers' than hipsters and flea markets and that there would be a guided tour around the exhbit, meaning that I would learn a lot more than just looking at the gilded plaques (plus photography was allowed).  Many of the pieces were gifted especially to this Museum from a variety of people and due to the way that clothing decays, this could be the last time that any of these pieces are displayed (there are also even more in storage, hopefully meaning many more exhibitions will follow).  The Met also has an accompanying exhibition showcasing even more gorgeous clothing and is definitely next on my agenda.

Elsa Schiaparelli is officially a legend in my eyes, though don't ask me how to pronounce her surname.  Not only did she shock the public with her groundbreaking butterfly prints in the 50s, but she continued her whimsicality with piano and bullet buttons, insect jewellery and a music box belt. 

 I really would like a vintage cape, preferably this one...

The perfect fabric reference library; it's rare to be able to touch anything in exhibitions but here you could.  Wouldn't mind some Charmeuse...

I also loved the grand couture dresses, worthy of any Met gala.  The amount of construction and layers under such dresses is incredible in order to get them to fit and look as the designer wished. I love looking at past fashion and seeing details that have been adapted for today.

Have to leg it onto the rather squashed L train for work now, but I'll update my Facebook with even more photos when I can!
Edit: Here they are...

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