Style : I've had a strange sort of relationship with jewellery.  When I was younger, I'd pretty much only wear the regulation gold studs that were free when I got my ears pierced, and the odd crystal necklace, but it's only in the past few years that I've managed to work out what I like.  If you see my outfits, you'll notice that I tend to have two accessory looks; quirky/kitsch and metallic/randomness.  I love to wear random objects around my neck, be it purses, timepieces or animals, but lately I've being craving something a bit more abstract and developed an obsession with layered necklaces.

Anyone willing to contribute to the fund so I can buy the following?  l-r Banana Republic, Fenton Fallon for J Crew x2, Subversive, Anthropologie, Cheap Monday, Fenton Fallon for J Crew, forgotten x2 (can you tell this was a draft for quite a while...)

I'm not quite sure how it came about.  I guess some time earlier this year I got bored of wearing just one necklace and decided to layer them up but now I want to commit myself fully with a piece that makes more of a statement.  These kinds of of necklaces do vary in price (the J Crew designs I seem to like are over $150) but I'm going to try and unleash my creative side by making one!  I know I say I'm going to make a lot of things ('The Dress Project' is on the back burner and the knitting is still going) but my need for neck adornment is motivation enough.  Plus I've bought some plier type thingys to cut chains down to size and I've noted down a few useful shops in the Garment District.  I have no idea how these things will turn out but I'm just going to play around with a few ideas and publish the results here.  If I haven't started anything in the next 10 days, please feel free to leave 'nudging' comments to make me fulfil my promise.

What's your favourite kind of jewellery?  I've also been lusting after these, wonderful pieces.

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