2010 Met Costume Gala Review...

2010 Met Costume Gala Review...

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The Costume Institute Benefit Gala took place at the Met on Monday night.  It is always a breath of fresh air, as it's nice to see some folks from the fashion industry, in addition to all the television and movie (I mean "film") stars you typically see at every awards show. 

This year I think my "love" list is shorter than my "hate" list.   

For the ones I loved...

Camilla Belle looks absolutely stunning in strapless red with a sweetheart neckline.

Camilla Belle with Jason Wu

This dress is so simple, but we think Diane Kruger looks so chic in Calvin Klein.  And her figure is amazing!  How does she keep that train perfectly white?!

Diane Kruger in Calvin Klein

Both MoS girls love Guiliana R.  I don't even want to think about how many pre-baby Saturdays I spent getting sucked into a Guiliana and Bill marathon...  Her dress here is such a fun color, and the flower appliques add the perfect bit of volume.  This look is a lesson in perfecct proportions. 

Guiliana Rancic

Iman does such a good job showing off her curves in an elegant way.  Christina Hendricks (below) needs to take a lesson from her...


Brooke Shields seems like she never gets older.  She is in fantastic shape, and her Michael Kors gold sheath is beautiful.


Is Kristin Davis channeling the Jennifer Garner pouty lips here?  Regardless, she looks so toned- we heard she has really been working out alot for her new SATC movie.  Fun fact- her parents live around the corner from my inlaws.  I always hope for a KDavis siting around the holidays, but so far, no luck!

Kristin Davis

A dress I loved that some folks hated...  I think Naomi Watts's one-shoulder number is so elegant and eye-catching.  We are loving the return of one-shoulder gowns and happy to see something other than strapless.  This is so Jackie O, no?

Naomi Watts

Patrick Robinson was definitely one of the best dressed boys to hit the red carpet.  You can't beat a classic tux.  Did you hear that, Justin Timberlake? 

Patrick Robinson

We have a weakness for men in dinner jackets, especially those named Tom Ford.  He looks fabulous.  Like  Patrick above, he recognizes that a classic white tuxedo shirt looks best.  Stay tuned for a post next week about men's fashion.  We'll be having a Q and A session with our favorite male fashion expert (and no, it's not my husband!).

Tom Ford

Anne Hathaway's gold lace and tulle is breathtaking.  It's the perfect color with her porcelain skin and dark hair.

Anne Hathaway in Valentino

We are absolutely in love with this J.Lo look as well.  Jenny from the Block has come so far!

J Lo in Zuhair Murad

And now, for those we don't love so much...

Joan, we love your curves, but enough is enough.  And those dark lips make you look much older than you are (we learned that from Clinton and Stacy).


Christina Hendricks in L'Wren Scot

Padma is so beautiful, and we love her post-baby curves.  But this dress does not flatter them whatsoever- it's like forcing a square peg in a round hole.  Not to mention, it looks incredibly uncomfortable.

Padma Lakshmi in Roberto Cavalli

Elizabeth Banks in Gucci- lose the tights or the mesh lace top, and we have a winner.  But both is too much.


Mary Camden, we aren't loving the loosey degrade hair or the loosey white gown.  We've seen you do so much better.  You can do "soft" without tendrils.

Jessica Biel

Sisterhood of the forgotten pants.  This dress is just too short!

Blake Lively in Marchesa

SJP, we have stood by you when so many others criticized, but this just is not your best look.  Show off that teeny waist!

SJP in Halston Heritage

Kirsten, case in point of why the fug girls love you.  3/4 of your look is good, but from the ankles down is a different story.

Kirsten Dunst

Katy Perry's Amazing Technicolor Dreamdress- no words are necessary.

Katy Perry

I can't see this dress without singing the "Hefty Hefty Hefty" song from the trashbag commercial.  It even has the "cinchsack" tie at the bottom.  And the color variation makes it look like it's made with patented forceflex technologies...

Maggie G in Louis Vuitton

The first of the mullet dresses...  Business up front, party in the back!  Maybe she's hoping Harvey will cast her if she wears this dress.

Eva Longoria in Marchesa

Big hair plus big bossoms plus a big poofy skirt are not a good combo on Ms. Winfrey.  By the way, Oscar, you've still got it!

Oprah with ODLR

Ralph might take pride in symbolizing quintessential American style, but dungarees to a gala?  Come on!  (by the way, new "housewife" Sonja reminds us of Ricky L).

Ralph Lauren

We love us some Tina Fey, but rompers look good on my little boy, not on grown women.

Tina Fey in YSL

Coco is probably turning over in her grave right about now...

Twilight Girl in Chanel

This dress just looks cheap, and we feel quite certain it is not.

Rosario Dawson in Giambatista Valli

Another mullet dress...  Monday in the front, Friday in the back.

Siena Miller

What were your favorites or least favorites?

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