Wizards of Oz

Wizards of Oz

Style : I've been extremely inspired recently by Australian designers and shops. Maybe this is due to me watching a little bit too much Australia's Next Top Model on YouTube (Claire and Adele were probably the best dressed in my opinion) and loving the relaxed yet stylish way of dressing of certain bloggers. Reversed seasons make no difference to me; I'd want to wear this stuff all year round, but particularly for Autumn Winter, layered with the obligatory tights and cardigan to make it British-weather-proof. This is what I hope to be channeling, come September.

There was a lot to love on the Gripp Jeans site. That double layered tank is styled to perfection, and as everyone knows, I love a quirky knit.

I now find myself craving a mesh shirt/cardigan, like this one seen at Es-Trella. I've chosen the more muted pieces in the collection as my faves, as the details really stand out. I love the marbled effect of the dress and there's a similar t-shirt on the site that I'd love to recreate. Better practice my dip-dyeing.

I really want a coat with toggles for Winter, and this offering from Lover is more edgy than cute. Sleeves would probably useful for our British Winters, but the layering possibilities are endless. Perhaps only in Australia.

Loving this black tiered dress from My Pet Square, and also the assorted layered tartans. Also like the possibility of a crop top in Winter over a long sleeved top.

Looks like acid wash is here to stay, courtesy of The Cassette Society; I love the shape of the dress in the middle. I also love the model's hair, but maybe acquiring the dress is more likely for me.

On another note, I'm gutted I missed the Luella sample sale on Thurs-Fri. Bags for £75, clothes for less; damn my employment/love of tennis. Hopefully they'll do another one in the near future, or maybe I can make it to Bicester and get equally decent bargains. My Margo bag needs a sister....

Anyways, a slightly belated Happy Independence Day to any American readers I may have (I'm not sure how many, so make yourselves known)! Can't wait to be out there next year to experience it for myself!

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