We're bringing loungewear back

We're bringing loungewear back

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And we don't mean that in the Juicy sense. Over the last ten years we've seen one too many travesties like this one and it's time to put a stop to it:

There was a time when "loungewear" wasn't synonymous with velour tracksuits, ugg boots, and cutsey sayins spelled out in rhinestones across ones behind. Back in the long-ago 20th century, even if you didn't plan to leave the house, you still got "dressed." House dresses, zippered robes, hostess dresses, caftans- from the 50's to the 70's the terminology and styles may have changed a bit, but all had something in common - loungewear was long, luxurious, and unfailingly elegant. 

Case in point, Auntie Mame (while we're at it can we bring back pet monkeys too?).

Lucille Ball in a satin robe.

Fast forward to the 80's...Mrs. Roper's trademark caftans are fantastic. And can you believe that Suzanne Somers's jumpsuit is back in style today too?

YSL in Morocco

Couldn't find Jackie in any loungewear, but the lady to her right is sporting one fabulous caftan. 

Recently MoS Charlotte and I spent probably a good hour rummaging through the fantastic array of vintage clothes at Sleepy Poet in Charlotte. They truly have a well-curated selection at unbeatable prices. We were enthralled by all of the different house dresses, robes, caftans, etc. that they offered. We had a LOT of fun trying on a million different outfits (much to the bemusement of the other shoppers walking by).

We don't seem to be the only ones loving the vintage approach to loungewear. Check out Aerin Lauder...

Model and trendsetter Lily Cole

Paloma Picasso

And a few options if you're on the market...

The mother of all loungewear, vintage Pucci robe and dress set

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And if vintage isn't your bag (no judgments, but it sure is cheaper)...Jules Reid's "Teddy" tunic. Amazing!

And then there's my kooky Sleepy Poet find...a rainbow chevron striped long dress in a puckered cotton material, complete with pockets. I cannot WAIT to step out and get the mail one day wearing this! 

What do you think - are you a fan of vintage inspired loungewear? Any great secrets for finding it? We're essentially newbies on the vintage clothing front, but there's something so thrilling about finding a one-of-a-kind piece. Happy lounging!

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