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Having just finished University (sobs) all things fashion-career related are currently on my mind.  Maybe if I'm still blogging in 5 years I'll be able to do a post titled 'How I got my first Job in Fashion' but for now, everything is very new to me and I'm trying to figure out the minefield that will hopefully lead to employment. Undoubtedly, the most coveted job is that of a fully-fledged designer and there's no doubt a few of my peers might like to emulate the success of Nicolas Ghesquiere, Christopher Kane or Phoebe PhiloFashion Fringe offers this oppurtunity to new designers; the chance to win funding and mentoring from industry greats and to eventually launch a thriving and self-sustaining business.  I was delighted to be invited along with Jen, Daniela and Lois to attend one of the finalists' mentoring sessions at Very HQ up in Liverpool (so the UK discovery plan is back on track).  There's a lot more to designing and marketing that meets the eye and as a recent graduate (well the ceremony is still a few weeks away, so I'm in a sort of limbo) this day was immensely useful for me.



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fashion fringe finalists
The Fashion Fringe finalists with Colin McDowell (Heidi Leung had some awesome brogue Doc Martens which need to go on the wishlist)!

We were treated to a presentation by Kevin and Della from the Design Department about how they decide on trends and colours for the future seasons.  It's very interesting to know that they are already working on designs for S/S 2012 and A/W 12/13, which shows how confident they have to be at predicting what people will want to buy so far in advance.  Colours for the season can be inspired by designers, politics and even events like the Olympics, so I'm excited to see whether their predictions for next year will take off.  Afterwards we had a presentation by the 'Creative' manager Darren on how they convey their 'online department store' brand message through colour, fonts, models and layout, which again was very insightful and even full of the odd debate over dodgy PR methods.  The fashion historian and journalist Colin McDowell was also present and it was somewhat surreal to meet the author of the book that was so useful for much of my University work (I even give him my business card)!  Hopefully we'll get to attend the Fashion Fringe show at London Fashion Week in September and see what the finalists come up with.

apc t-shirt, polka dot skirt, hasbeens
Jacket - Topshop
T-shirt- A.P.C
Skirt - Beacons Closet
Tights - House of Holland
Sandals - Swedish Hasbeens for H&M
Sunglasses - Tom Ford c/o Mister Spex

At this point I was very confused by the weather, envisioning Liverpool as a chilly alternative to London, but later in the day I realised the tights and jacket were completely unnecessary.  I think my new mentality is to dress for Summer whatever the weather forecast predicts!  I was determined  to wear my Hasbeens and found them reasonably comfortable, despite having the ankle straps a little too tight and wearing them with tights mean I can continue to wear them when the weather gets cooler.  This photo was a windswept one, with only a few seconds to spare until the train came; a special thanks to Jen for running over to my platform and taking the photo!  This marked the end of my Liverpudlian visit and although it was fleeting, I'd definitely like to visit properly again.

I'm off to Berlin next week for the first time in six years, which I'm really excited about, so please let me know of any shopping/eating recommendations if you have any. I hear there's lots of great vintage shops plus a Weekday store, but I need to buy carefully due to low funds and the silly Ryanair baggage allowance!

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