Topshop Invasion

Topshop Invasion

Style : I have yet again succumbed to the lure of Topshop. I know a lot of people are posting about the shopping mecca at the moment, but it's impossible for me to stop the buying- I work there! Every shift is like a prolonged shopping expedition, and if I were paid for the amount of hours I've spent surfing the website, I'd probably be able to buy a whole trend! Seriously, I think the key to avoid looking like a clone, is to buy the basics, and team them with vintage or other random bits. This is what I tried to achieve when shopping on the website, then totally abandoned when shopping in the sale. Here's what I managed to find...

I'd been checking daily that these Agnes boots hadn't sold out, and finally caved when stocks got dangerously low. Heeled boots had been on my mind ever since bloggers started raving about the sold out and sought after Emma Cook boots, but I secretly wanted something a bit simpler, yet still 'edgy'. These boots are perfect, as they lace up, so my feet are more than secure, and have a nice thick heel, which doesn't throw me off balance. I thought my gargantuan feet might need the elusive size 9, but luckily the 8's fit fine, and they are beginning to feel (sort of) comfortable. Here's to breaking them in.

I also bought these cut-out leggings in the sale. Are they pair 26 or 27? I've lost count. I seriously need to ban myself from buying leggings, whatever happened to making my own creations? Seriously, this pair was too tempting to leave on the rail, I like the idea of layering them over crazy patterns and colours in Winter. I also bought the draped crop tops in grey and navy, plus the glittery skirt which leaves a trail wherever I go (much to the dismay of my driving instructor) and some high-waisted short shorts.

These bits on my wishlist represent what I hope to find in the coming months; some kind of sequinned outerwear, a quirky dress (preferably this stripy, witchy number), a detailed loose top and a new coat, different to the ones I already own. Meanwhile I'd better start selling some serious amounts of clothing on eBay to keep myself's definitely time for a clearout. I found a post on a newly found blog, that definitely resonated with me. She writes 'Somehow, my clothes that I left here seem to have mated and produced ugly children', which is how I felt when I looked in the much forgotten drawer under my bed. Anyways, have you seen anything in Topshop that you like? Has it taken over your wardrobe as much as mine?

Seeing Harry Potter tomorrow; I can't wait!

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