Too many cardigans

Too many cardigans

Style : I'm always on the lookout for a decent cardigan. Like leggings, I appear to own quite a few, as there's such variety out there (and I like to have many, many options). They're so easy to throw on over dresses or tops, making the look slightly more eclectic and less fussy, depending on what you team them with. It annoys me very much when it's too hot to wear one. I'm particularly drawn to vintage knits, as they seem to go a bit overboard on the textures and look delightedly cosy.

(funny how they're all leaning the same way, a new pose to adopt?)

I've had these stored in a little 'knit research' folder on my desktop for a while, as something to aim for when shopping. Extremely unlikely I know, but I live in hope. The red one on the far right is my absolute favourite, as the red brightens up something fairly smart and monochromatic, and the knitting intrigues me. I also think we have very similar shoes. Would prefer Chloe Sevigny's cabled jumper dress in cardigan form, as this style of dress has so far eluded me, and the embossed stripe style of the far left is pretty much perfect as it is.

Here's some more stuff I can't quite afford. In complete contrast to all the street style, I've gone for asymmetric, draped pieces in neutral colours (as well as a boxy cable knit). Some of the styles are in the sale, which is somewhat tempting, though I hope they go down further.

Was also drawn to the crazy patterns of this Marc by Marc Jacobs number, and think it would be surprisingly versatile. Why do I like such expensive cardigans? Good thing it's sold out.

Back to reality; I finished the back of my cricket jumper! Well I say jumper, in keeping with this post, I'm going to turn it into a cardigan! Not totally sure how realistic this is, as I'm just making up bits as I go along and knitting the front into two halves, but hopefully it'll turn out well and I'm sure I'll wear it more this way. Plus I want to get this finished and start all the other things I've planned to knit before Winter starts, a laddered cardigan, two scarves, maybe a hat...

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