The Sleepy Poet Strikes Again!

The Sleepy Poet Strikes Again!

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When MoS Washington came to visit a couple of weekends ago, we knew we had to budget some time to spend at the Sleepy Poet.  For some reason, whenever I go to the Sleepy Poet, I always find myself rushed to make it through to see everything.  This time we vowed and declared that we would spend as long as we wanted, but once again, that didn't happen.  There is just so much to see!  And no matter how frequently I go, there are always new and exciting finds.  As MoS Washington mentioned yesterday, we spent a considerable amount of time in the vintage clothing section.  It was my first time to look at the clothes, and wow, it is amazing.  I have a feeling that vintage shops in places like New York would add a "0" or two to every pricetag.  Oscar de la Renta in perfect condition for $65.  Gorgeous dresses from Montaldos, one of my mom's favorite dress shops (and I vaguely remember it from when I was a little girl) for under $100.

Here are some of our favorites from our second trip to the Sleepy Poet.

Gorgeous black and gold sofa table and two end tables with chinoiserie legs.  I believe the set of all three was around $275. 

We went wild over the lines of this mirror.  It was huge and a great buy- around $175 if I remember correctly. 

And we aren't the only ones who like it- it's the same mirror Massuco Warner Miller used in this fab powder room!  Someone should go snatch it up!

This little display of vintage silver trophies caught MoS Washington's eye.  We posted about collecting silver trophies here

More silver trophies...

How perfect is this little gold faux bamboo end table/ bar cart from Bamboo?  It is exactly what MoS Washington has been searching for...  If only it was easier to transport furniture from Charlotte to Washington! (and the price is great- around $100 or so).

I scored this gold tole wheat sconce.  Now I am on the hunt to find its mate...  If you see one let me know!

Aren't these gold tole and crystal lamps set on marble bases so very Mad Men?  I think they were around $250 for the pair.

The gold Greek key pattern on this double-decker end table is so unique!  We'd put it in a corner and use it as a bar table.

Vintage gold glasses are becoming another one of our obsessions.  Look for a blog post on them coming soon!  This set of 6 is $66- not bad!

Don't disregard this fab shell mirror just because it's hanging on a lonely piece of plywood.  If MoS Washington and I didn't already have them, this would have definitely come home with one of us.  The price was $25 to boot!

Although MoS Washington and I see eye-to-eye on most everything, this little lamp is where our paths part ways.  She loved this deer hoof lamp.  I did not. She has thicker skin (ha) than I do when it comes to taxidermy.  However, we both agreed that the koala skin we saw later on was nothing short of cruel.  We didn't take a picture of the koala. 

Alabaster horse heads look so chic on a bookshelf!

We both went nuts over this painting.  Admittedly, neither of us knows much about art or art history, but we both thought this is the cat's meow.  We think Lindsey Coral Harper would love it too!

The Sleepy Poet is such a good place to find unique things you never knew you needed.  Like a wrought iron horse head newel post.  You can see it in the corner of this picture.  It is amazing, and I wish I had a place for it.  If you are in the market for a newel post or hitching post, you should grab this one up!  It is large and heavy and really nice!

One booth had nothing but vintage playbills.  Wouldn't these be so cool to frame and group on the wall?

Or how about a collection of vintage school pendants?  I have a couple from Davidson that I've never known quite how to use in my home.  MoS Washington said that Camp Greystone has a huge collection of pendants, grouped together in frames.  What a unique idea and way to incorporate some prep school or college pride in a chic way!

And last but not least, our trip to the vintage clothing section, where we spent hours pretending like we were Betty Draper. 

MoS Washington browses the racks wearing a floor length colorful caftan.

A few caftans, vintage Lilly polos, and bathing suits later, we realized we were barely going to make it to the airport in time for MoS Washington's flight!  That would have been just fine with me!

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