Temple St. Clair for Target!

Temple St. Clair for Target!

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As I was flipping through the new Lucky, I was delighted to read about Target's latest design collaboration with a top notch designer.  This time, it's jeweler extraordinaire Temple St. Clair!

I have always admired St. Clair's pieces from a distance.  Her work with beautiful stones and yellow gold is awe-inspiring, yet for me, cost prohibitive.  Her jewelry is stunning, yet it's not flashy, and her craftsmanship is of the highest quality.

This is why we love these Target designer collections- the opportunity to enjoy pieces designed by talented designers whose high-end lines are not affordable for most of us.  In my mind, Target has been the pioneer of these chain store/ designer collaborations.  While others have followed suit (Vera Wang for Kohls, Patrick Robinson for the Gap, etc), none have quite reached Target's ability to bring such a wide variety of designs to "the masses" (myself included). 

I wish we had more photos of Temple's Target line to share with you.  Below are the Lucky picks:

We are hoping that Temple is going to take inspiration from these pieces from her high-end line:

Are you as excited as we are?  Her line is scheduled to debut on August 29, although we will be checking in a few days early, as Target's designer lines always seem to show up a couple days early.

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