Snapshots from Paris

Snapshots from Paris

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Next time I'm in Paris I'm determined to capture a whole series of shots of bicycle riders. Bicycles are an oft-utilized form of transpiration in Paris, more so than I've noticed anywhere else. There is something so impressive about the way Parisienne women ride a bike...sitting up perfectly straight in their crisp's a special sight. Same goes for the gentlemen, in their trousers and seems incongruous at first but I love the charm of it. 

I recently upgraded to a digital SLR camera, which makes it a bit difficult to anonymously snap away at people on the street without looking like a stalker/paparrazi/tourist (I am very big on traveling incognito as Bemelmans would say). But I did manage to capture this woman who I found particularly striking. It's incomprehensible that a 50-something woman in the US would hop on a bike and scoot around town, but in Paris that's the norm and I love it! Perhaps that's is why they are all so thin. That, and the chain smoking.

Bikes for rent.

This man at the flea market just looked quintessentially French with his scarf and slouchy jacket.

With respect to other modes of transpiration, the original Mini Cooper still frequently pops up on the street there. This is one way to protect your bumper (How would this go over in Washington? I know a few drivers who could benefit from this tactic.).

And to answer a few questions from Monday, the little contraption below is, in fact, a silver bone holder. It attaches to the bone end of a leg of lamb, ham, etc., allowing you to hold the bone with one hand and carve with the other. Ah, the necessities of a bygone era!

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