Shopping at Simrane in Paris

Shopping at Simrane in Paris

Style : While in Paris, I stumbled across a store called Simrane that sells all sorts of amazing block printed linens from India. I'm easily transfixed by interesting colors and patterns and this store was a feast for the eyes. I love traditional Provencale-style linens, but being from India, the Simrane patterns have a bit more of an ethnic flair that I think translates more to a younger clientele.

Simrane is actually two stores- one at 23 rue Bonaparte that sells pillows, duvets, and more home-oriented products, and another at 25 rue Bonaparte that sells caftans, tunics, jackets, pareos, napkins and placemats.

I snapped up a set of napkins that I can't wait to use- I loved the colors and the zig zag pattern.

The prices are reasonable- the caftans run from about 60-120 euros depending on the length, the napkins are about 6 euros each, pillow covers were maybe 30 euros each? Not as cheap as if you were buying it in India, but a good deal for rue Bonaparte!

And a bonus- it's right across the street from Laduree! Nothing revives a weary shopper like a caramel macaron (or two, if we're really being honest).

This little British girl in front of me in line was so adorable...she was so excited for her macarons!

I'm trying to figure out if Simrane is available for purchase in the US but thus far am having no luck- they don't appear to have a website of any kind. I'm kicking myself for not picking up a tunic or two. Has anyone ever seen it?

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