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Dress - c/o Annie Greenabelle
Tights - Pretty Polly
Shoes - Vintage America

My Sis thought that Graduation 'looked fun' so hopefully she'll be following in my footsteps

Yet again, I'm a bit behind with all this blogging malarkey after spending far too much time all over the place since I've finished University.  I've seen a few graduation related posts recently so thought that I might as well follow suit and show you mine.  My degree has been such a rollercoaster that it only really dawned on me about the ceremony, gown and all important piece of paper a few days before.  Graduation is one of the days where you're forced to be smart but I still wanted to reflect my personality in all those photos that my Mum unashamedly splashed out on to remember the day.  I had no idea what to wear with the gown due to the colours involved, so decided to debut this white shirt dress sent to me by Annie Greenabelle, an ethical company based in the Midlands.  As ever, the British weather was indecisive so I decided to wear tights (though you can't really see them in the photo) and my trusty brogue-y wedges.  It was quite remarkable to be one graduand amongst a sea of hats and I did feel slightly like a Harry Potter extra in the robes (which were prone to falling off).  However, it was a special day and I wish it hadn't gone so quickly as I feel like I didn't take everything in. 

jacques photoshoot

jacques shoes

jacques popcorn

jacques townhouse cushions
See even more pretty pictures of interiors here

I also managed to make it to this year's Jacques Townhouse set in the delightful Chandos House, situated about 5 minutes away from busy Oxford Circus.  The new location didn't disappoint, with each room adorned with the perfect props and activities (cupcake customisation was my particular fave), sticking to the quintessentially British theme.  The interiors chosen by David Carter really complimented the features of the rooms themselves, which sported candy-coloured ceilings and grand fireplaces; I really wanted to move in there and then. It's crazy to think that this was all in aid of cider, but you've got to admire the brand's ability to think outside of the box and present more of an experience to go alongside that all important drinking.  Although the Townhouse event has finished in London, I believe there should be some tickets for the Liverpool event so I'd highly recommend a visit if you live nearby.

hyper japan tabio

hyper japan stationery

hyper japan shoes

hyper japan collars
More pictures here

Most expo type events are lost on me but last week's Hyper Japan was something I could really get on board with.  I've always wanted to visit Japan but my bank balance hasn't ever been in agreement so this was the next best thing, with stalls selling manga, sushi making kits, stationery and very random accessories, hinting at the kinds of things to be found overseas.  I wish there had been more fashion brands representing (no issues of Fruits to be seen anywhere) but luckily Tabio were there with some of their more unusual hosiery offerings and plenty of deals on the day.  It was a very busy event so hopefully it'll move to a larger part of Olympia next year as the crowds were somewhat off-putting, but it was still an interesting day nonetheless.  I now feel the urge to learn how to cook yaki udon as I'm slightly obsessed with it.

hyper japan knitted food

What have you been up to recently?  As if August is just around the corner!

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