Pinch, punch, first of the month

Pinch, punch, first of the month

Style : Isn't the weather in London/England actually amazing for once? Even though it's tricky to sleep, makes my hair frizz and occasionally brings me out in allergic reactions, I definitely prefer the summer months, and a this heatwave is a bonus. After many days of lazing around the house watching Wimbledon (go Andy Murray!), I had a brief visit to Brighton with some friends. I wore my Payday treat, a Motel playsuit (reduced to £20 in their excellent sale, though it seems to have jumped up to £30 now), that I'd previously tried on in my pre-playsuit obsession phase. Twas a slightly controversial situation, as my friend also owns it in the top/dress form, so we basically looked like we were wearing some kind of summer uniform. Oh well, I love it anyways.

I like to think I've caught the sun a little bit.

Didn't take many pictures in Brighton, but here's one I took of the slightly arty-looking burnt down pier. There's so much else to see there, lots of quirky shops and restaurants, I definitely need to go back for a longer visit.

Also bought this DIY Octopus necklace from Etsy. It's so easy to make, and there's lots of other bits on the site, so may start making my own jewellery for myself and some friends. Definitely adds a personal touch. I'm on the hunt for a pony or large key necklace next.

Hope you're all enjoying the weather, wherever you are!

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