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The last-but-one week has just been a whirlwind; I finished my internship, said goodbyes to friends and have temporarily turned into a tourist, meaning that I've not been home a lot and have been eating a lot of Mexican food.  I have a list of things to cover before I leave, presents to buy for various family members and a serious packing mission should I choose to accept it.  With 8 days to go, here is a mish-mash of photos from the penultimate week in NYC.

Went back to Met and saw the amazing Bambu sculpture on the roof.  People were actually walking around the upper levels as part of a guided tour.

Also managed to get the courage to snap this outfit at the American Woman exhibition (the mojitos on the rooftop bar certainly helped); I really love the embroidery of the lady playing tennis

The last two pairs of new shoes, bringing the total to 8

Random plaques near the library

Gotta love the views from the rooftops

Williamsburg graffiti

The Marc Jacobs spree includes a new tin for all my knitting paraphernalia for final year

The Intrepid was a source of unexptected inspiration

Went a bit crazy at the huge Forever 21 in Times Square; I'm lucky it only opened now otherwise my luggage situation could have been a lot worse.  Wish I could've picked up those paper sculptures...

My view of the spectacular July 4th Fireworks

Being chased by waves at Rockaway Beach; doesn't quite compare with Jamaica, but still fun nonetheless

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