Party in the Courtyard

Party in the Courtyard

Style : flower arrangement

st martin's courtyard

I think that Covent Garden has to be one of my favourite areas for shopping; the shops are the perfect mixture of independent and high-street, the crowds are not quite as stressful as Oxford Street and you're never too far away from a cupcake.  I'd first stumbled upon St Martin's Courtyard a few weeks ago by accident, seeing a nice space to escape the masses with Jamie's Italian in the vicinity.  I was delighted to be invited to their Garden Party along with a few bloggers for the perfect summery day in London.

yummy strawberries

flowers in covent garden

lucy avec face paint
Regretfully didn't get my face painted, doesn't Lucy look amazing?!

victoria sponge cakes

my silhouette cut out

The courtyard was a visual treat with much of the shops and restaurants getting in the spirit offering champers, guacamole tasting and competitions.  The event wasn't unbearably busy, with a nice chilled crowd (including a nun) drifting in and out to watch the fashion shows on offer and to make use of the free activities.  I had my silhouette cut out by a very kind man and can't quite imagine how you can produce something so accurate in about a minute.  I also popped into Cos with Daniela and Elisabeth and may have made an accidental purchase that you might be seeing in some of my Berlin posts. 

calimari at bill's
We were treated to a delicious lunch at Bill's; I loved the cluttered surroundings full of jars and bottles.  Thanks to Lauren for looking after us so well!

food at bill's

sparkling elderflower

st martin's courtyard
Very natural and totally un-posed pic featuring Kirsty, Lucy, Jazmine, Daniela, Elisabeth, Sherin and Amy, watching the fashion show

I wish more events like this could happen within the streets of London as most things tend to get out of hand and a bit stressful in the busier areas like Regent Street.  I really enjoyed spending time with all of the bloggers, drinking Pimms and having a quick peek in shops like Jaeger and Barbour  (whoever knew there could be so many variations of waxed jacket).  I can’t wait until I have a job so I can have a proper shopping day there!

vintage dress weekday shirt

glittery socks and brogues

Shirt - Weekday
Belt - Charity Shop
Socks - c/o Tabio
Brogues - Office
 Photos - Jazmine

Another day, another dress.  Whenever the nice weather appears, I bring out all of my clothes deemed 'too summery' for the rest of the year to make the most of them.  I shortened this dress maybe a little too much and with hindsight wish I'd kept it at more of a midi length, but never mind.  This shot was taken by the colourful gates of Hyde Park after a quick look at the Royal College of Art exhibition, which I managed to catch in the nick of time.  It's situated in leafy Kensington and is the perfect location for my future home, now who can lend me £2 million?

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