Nothing to Declare

Nothing to Declare

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Sorry for being a bad blogger this week, but I'm in a reflective sort of mood.  This involves wandering aimlessly around various parts of Manhattan, realising what I'm going to be leaving behind and attempting to pack three inevitably overweight bags. Of course returning home after 6 months will take a lot of getting used to, so while I'm not posting due to pleading with my parents for a walk in wardrobe and buffalo wings every night, why not check out some of my favourite NYC posts?

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This post is my last from New York and although I've missed seeing my family and friends for 6 months (and sweltered in the heat), I don't think I'm ready to leave.  If you ever get the oppurtunity to live here, take it, as you will learn a lot about a great city and most importantly, yourself.  However sad I might be, the moping ends here.  Even though I'm determined to go back to work and live in the Big Apple, I have more immediate situations at hand, namely dissertation research, final year inspiration and bonding with the city I was born in, London. 

Really healthy food at Coney Island

However the random things I will miss are:

1. working
2. Soho/Lower East Side/Williamsburg/Park Slope/Chelsea/Greenwich Village/Meatpacking District
3. Cheap hairdressers
4. Cheap subway
5. People loving my accent
6. Crazy food portions
7. Beacons Closet
8. Amazing sandwiches/Buffalo wings
9. Actually being able to visit the places mentioned on The Cut and Refinery 29
10. Knowing that the price is pounds is somewhat less, making $12 cocktails bearable

Determined to smuggle Crumbs into the UK

Proper posting and reflections to resume once I'm in London!

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